Sarri Still Undecided Between Lazzari Or Pellegrini When Lazio Visit Monza

Lazio had fewer players involved in the training in the formello. Sarri conducts practice without the internationals and has additional young players from the Primavera added to the training. The objective, despite still being distant, is the away match against Monza. 

The coach is currently researching a potential lineup that will be used. The defensive line will have to be altered due to Marusic's disqualification following the final whistle of the derby. Additionally, there are two potential replacements for Biancoceleste's ranks: Manuel Lazzari and Luca Pellegrini.

Lazzari is expected to return to the right lane to take the start in the league at position 1. The Lazio full-back was frequently replaced on the bench to give way to Hysaj. And if Sarri chooses to have Lazzari participate, Hysaj will take over on the left side. 

Yet Luca Pellegrini also puts some pressure on Lazzari. Pellegrini aims to carve out a place in Serie A after making his European debut against AZ in the Netherlands. If the former Cagliari and Genoa player was to participate, Hysaj would shift to the right side.

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