Casale: "We Have To Be Good At Playing Our Game Without Making Too Many Mistakes. We Strive To Face Every Match On Saturday Or Sunday In The Greatest Way Possible."

During the microphones of DAZN, Nicolò Casale discussed the upcoming game against Juventus. This Lazio defender, broadcast on Lazio's Style Radio, is a preview of the interview that will be uploaded on DAZN in the afternoon.

"We have to be good at playing our game without making too many mistakes. I recall the first match in which we lost 3-0, a game in which we possessed the ball and conceded goals after two simple mistakes. We must leap against them to play our game and make as few mistakes as possible, primarily being cautious even with dead balls situations because they have great jumpers.

"Who am I observing? Kostic because he's a player who puts in fifty crosses per game during matches which is why we must be cautious of this as well, as there are great strikers up front"

"Champions League?" We don't enjoy talking about the long-term goal. We strive to face every match on Saturday or Sunday in the greatest way possible, and then we sum up at the end of the year. We can't disguise the fact that by simply playing in the league, we have focused on this goal."

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