Immobile Will Be Called Up Against Torino As He Pressed Sarri To Play Him Immediately

April 22, 2023

Immobile attempted the miracle: on the field with Torino?  Sarri wants to protect him.  After the mishap occurred, the captain became a Stoic. Here's the scenario.

As reported by Corriere dello Sport, Ciro Immobile was dedicated yesterday to intensive training, with an elastic bandage over his right arm, a plaster on his left shin, and that fractured rib. Injuries, wounds, torture, bruises, all of this fits comfortably into the image of the warrior. Nothing stopped him this time either, and yesterday's training session was dedicated to one sole goal: to convince Sarri to start him instead of someone else in the match between Lazio and Torino. Ciro possesses an unparalleled dedication to duty and unparalleled stamina. He took part in every practice and game, including a practice match. It's more the darkened soul's bitter disappointment without a field that hurts him, it's not the physical pain. Whether he'll start or come on as a substitute is only apparent today.

The call-up is obvious, and the presence on the bench is as well.  Until the end, he will attempt to pressure Sarri to convince him to relaunch him immediately, less than a week after the accident.  There is no known treatment for Immobile other than playing football.  Sarri also understands the importance of Ciro's return to normalcy, avoiding additional stops after a season marred by Ciro's suffering from multiple sclerosis, Sarri understands.  However, the technician must also preserve it, protect it more, and avoid dangers.  He began this practice after the final stop, taking minimal effort to avoid him, and he increased his playing time.  Also, to believe that he can send him into the field with a fracture, even if he's composed, contradicts the safeguard plan.

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