Since The Match Against Napoli, Lotito Had A New Tradition At Formello Involving His Players And Staff

April 22, 2023

All of Lazio is united, including the players, staff, and management. Despite the significance of the commitments that fill his schedule, President Lotito always manages to visit Formello the evening before a game.

Constant conversations with all of his employees as if he were a parent who cared for his children. What is also associated with superstition? The president began this habit as early as the evening before the Napoli game, and he has not stopped since. He certainly doesn't want to be the one to break the spell that is causing the boys to fly toward the competition.  

Yesterday evening, on the eve of the match against Torino, as reported by the Radiosei press review, Lotito spoke to the team about the importance of qualifying for the top European tournament and the international appeal of this.

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