Sarri: "It Was A Game That Concealed Numerous Complications. It Was Difficult For Me To Integrate Marcos Antonio Into A Midfield That Often Required More Durability And Physicality."

After the game between Spezia and Lazio, Maurizio Sarri spoke to the microphones of Lazio Style Radio.  These are his words.

About the match

"It was a game that concealed numerous complications. A ruthless team awaited us, and so was it. It's simpler to be aggressive on this smaller field. The circumstances were ideal for a match that could have multiple obstacles. Also, in the first 10 minutes, we had them. However, we now have different levels of suffering capacity than previously. We came out with the dribble and we comprehended a game that wasn't simple."

The goals

"The feeling is that at the moment the brilliance of our offensive players is on the rise. We facilitate the transformation of dribble into opportunities for goal-scoring with ease. I'm pleased with all three of them. Marcos was a little more generous. It was difficult for me to integrate him into a midfield that often required more durability and physicality. But he can perform high-intensity dribbling."


"It will be difficult. Torino is usually a problematic one. They are a team with whom we have some difficulty. We intend to extend the streak by properly preparing for them."

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