Klose: "Lazio Is The Club That I Chose To End My Professional Career And I Made The Correct Decision Because I Gained Several Important Things."

May 31, 2023

As Miroslav Klose reflects on his final year as a Lazio player, he explains why he believes it was the perfect place to conclude his football career.

Following the conclusion of his four-year tenure with Bayern Munich, the former German national team striker signed with Lazio in the summer of 2011 as a free agent. For five years, he played with the team located in the Italian capital, where he contributed to their triumph in the Coppa Italia during the year 2013.

In his 171 appearances for the Biancoceleste before his retirement in 2016, Klose managed to score an impressive 63 goals while also providing 35 assists. He remains a popular figure among Lazio fans, who have been enamored with his exemplary professionalism, leadership abilities on the field, and his innate talent for finding goals.

Reflecting on his five-year stint with the Biancoceleste, the German player believes that the club was the ideal place for him to retire from professional football, and he explains why.

"Lazio is the club that I chose to end my professional career and I made the correct decision because I gained several important things.  The first is friendship because here I encountered numerous wonderful people, genuine friends that I formed a bond that would remain in effect for the rest of my life," he said via LazioNews24.

"Next, I learned how to play without pressure, I remember in the beginning when I went to dinner at a restaurant with Scaloni and Lulic, I always wanted to eat earlier because I used to go to bed early."

"I always did it because in Germany you always play football with a lot of pressure, you are forced to win all the time, so you always have to be at your best and avoid distraction."

"Instead, they led me to believe that there is a middle ground that you can explore with the same intensity without being pressured, enjoy life and this is a wonderful concept."

Aside from that, the former striker added that he has incredible teammates who are constantly cheerful and extremely special. The final one is the emotion uniquely expressed by the supporters.

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