If Juventus Don't Want To Lower Pellegrini's Price, Lazio Will Approach Augello From Sampdoria As An Alternative

Lazio is currently focused on studying the upcoming market, and as a result, there is a lot of introspection and strategic planning underway. The defensive sideline is also receiving significant attention, with a particular emphasis on the left-back position. 

Luca Pellegrini, who hasn't had many chances to play, was informed by Sarri upon his arrival that it would be challenging to incorporate a player who is unable to regularly train on the team's movements and concepts into his lineup. Luca, who previously played for Cagliari, was only given a starting position in Alkmaar during the return match against AZ and was limited to brief appearances in the league. Despite this, he had hoped to have more playing time and opportunities to showcase his skills. He had made significant financial sacrifices to join Lazio and wear their team jersey.

He plans to stay in Rome, but only on the condition that he receives assurances of increased playing time and he must accept any other significant compromises in terms of salary. Lotito aims to meet and discuss the possibility of redemption with Juventus, considering the agreed-upon 15 million as a price too high and seeking to significantly lower it.

As a result, Pellegrini's future in Rome is still unknown. As a result, alternatives are considered.  Sarri's hope is always to have Fabiano Parisi from Empoli, but the Tuscans value the player at no less than 15 million, a significant figure.  Also, there is a lot of competition in Parisi.

Another name that Lazio is observing is Tommaso Augello, from Sampdoria.  He is born in 1994, he has prospered in these seasons of Serie A with the Sampdoria shirt, he is running and possessing good footing.  The club's situation is complicated, Augello wishes to remain in Serie A, and a deal could be found with a small budget, between 5 and 6 million euros.  Augello is appreciated, it's a profile that should be considered for the left side, if Pellegrini is not staying in Formello.

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