[Official] Lazio Primavera Has Earnt Promotion To Primavera 1

Lazio Primavera has earnt promotion to Primavera 1 after topping Group B of the second division, sitting 4 points ahead of second place Ascoli with 1 game left to play.

Today's 1-1 draw against Cosenza resulted in the promotion of Lazio Primavera to Primavera 1, they won a place among the best Under 19 teams in Italy. The goal comes at the top of a year full of changes, the most significant of which was on the bench. Stefano Sanderra has been tasked with carrying out Alessandro Calori's heavy burden, he has succeeded in adding a degree of confidence to his play each time he faced an opponent.

The Primavera squad of Lazio was relegated from the top level of youth football in Italy after finishing 15th in the 2020-21 season, this relegated them to the Primavera 2 division.

Sixty-two points in 29 games, 19 wins, 5 draws, and only 5 losses, remarkable statistics for a team that initially had a poor record, least of all until the first 7 days: 4 defeats, 1 draw, and only 2 wins, still the trash of the previous season's finale didn't seem to have completely vanished.

A goal was accomplished, shared, and deserved by all of the teammates, staff, and club. The top management of the youth sector has experienced a significant change as the two important figures, general manager Enrico Lotito and technical director Angelo Fabiani, have both arrived. They had to make delicate, sometimes troubling decisions, all of which ultimately led to the correct outcome given the goal was far from the finish line. 

After a year at Formello, here is the first ambitious result. They quickly completed their responsibilities, which included a promotion, valorizing the youthful talents already on the squad, and injecting other components of worth. This was the new management's concept and goal, capable of putting new life into a project in which the club passionately believes. Today in Formello, we celebrate, all united and with the same understanding that this is just the beginning of accomplishing new great goals, up there where Lazio belongs.

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