Vieri: "I Got Messages From Lazio's Supporters Who Complained That I Disrespected The Club By Celebrating. I Don't Give A Shit, I Took My Daughters To A Soccer Game And We Celebrated At Every Goal."

On Sunday, Bobo Vieri attended the game at Inter-Lazio with his entire family. The former player has a Biancoceleste history, although this is only on the 98-99 season in which he scored 12 goals in 22 appearances, and a lengthy history with the Nerazzurri from 99-05 in which he scored 103 goals in 143 appearances.

For the goals that led to Inter's victory, Vieri was photographed by the cameras as he celebrated with his daughter as well as, as he reported on BoboTV yesterday, many Lazio fans were offended and criticized him for having to cheer against his former team.

Also yesterday, Vieri responded to these comments:

"On Instagram at night, I got messages from Lazio's supporters who complained that I disrespected the club by celebrating and I offend them all. I don't give a shit, I'm not a prisoner, and I don't have any contracts with teams."

"I took my daughters to a soccer game which they had been requesting for a long time, and we celebrated at every goal. Ignorant Lazio fans who told me I had no respect. You don't have to say anything to me, and you must be silent around me because wherever I've gone in my career, I've always given my all to whatever team in the world I've been to."

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