Corsi: "Akpa Akpro? We Liked Him And It Is Certainly Something We Will Address Shortly. Baldanzi, Fazzini, And Guarino? We Would Like To Keep These Profiles For Another Year."

Empoli is scheduled to play against Lazio during the closing day of the championship. The Tuscan president, Fabrizio Corsi, spoke to the microphones of Il Messaggero, he spoke of the following match and discussed topics like the future of Accardi (connected to Lazio), Akpa, Baldanzi, Fazzini, and Guarino, he also opened a discussion about Sarri.

"Accardi has currently nothing specific to share with me and when he receives a call, he will most likely share it with me. I believe it's the extra value we provide and he still has two years left on his contract. It's not that Empoli wishes to stand still and let situations occur without taking part in their way. We want to avoid certain farewells so we will do everything possible to prevent them from happening."

"I adore and respect Maurizio, despite not having heard from him in recent times. He arrived late in the football game which is relevant to him, but the fact that he departed made us feel involved. What kind of match do I expect on Saturday? A difficult one, also because they want to maintain their second place. I observed that they had 20 clean sheets in the league, which gives an idea of ​​their team organization. Then there is no shortage of high-level individuals and next year, they will participate in the Champions League."

"Akpa Akpro? He fits perfectly into our mentality, we liked him and it is certainly something we will address shortly. But we don't want to enter into negotiations with the younger players. Already with profiles like Vicario or Parisi, it would be different. They are now complete and ready for an important team. They will certainly have their market”.

"Baldanzi, Fazzini, And Guarino? We would like to keep these profiles for another year, also because they are too young guys who need to be completed, especially from a physical point of view. Next season they could be even more decisive for us."

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