Gila: "I Knew It Would Be Difficult, This Is One Of The Main Reasons I Chose To Move To Lazio. I've Learned A Lot And I'm Very Pleased With The Way I've Developed."

June 30, 2023

In his first season at Lazio, Mario Gila opens up about the challenges he encountered and acknowledges the need for a psychologist. The 22-year-old from Spain made the transition to the Italian capital in the previous summer, leaving Real Madrid Castilla for a rumored transfer fee of €6 Million. This acquisition brings a promising yet inexperienced central defender to Maurizio Sarri's team.

In his initial year at Lazio, Mario Gila faced numerous challenges in securing a place on the first team. Throughout the season, he only accumulated a total of 764 minutes of playing time across 12 matches. His most recent appearance in Serie A was in a match against Juventus, which ended in a 3-0 defeat, back in November.

When reflecting on his initial year with Biancoceleste, Gila was candid and truthful in his assessment.

"I knew it would be difficult, this is one of the main reasons I chose to move to Lazio, I also chose to move to a different country, the defensive style is very different from what Spain has experienced, and this is also one of the main reasons I chose to become a part of the team," he said via Relevo.

"I expected this to be a difficult season, I thought I would play more, but this is the situation and I have external assistance, so I can handle it. However, it is still my first year, and I still have a second season to prove."

"I don't have to consider the previous season's performance because I've learned a lot and I'm very pleased with the way I've developed, I don't have to concern myself not to play, these occurrences are common and the most important thing is to handle them appropriately."

"I had a significant lack of luck at the start of this year because I wasn't consistently involved in games and things weren't going well, then it was difficult to gain minutes or a position in the team that I desired on a different country."

"I decided to seek psychological help, and I contacted someone through acquaintances; it is important for athletes, in good or bad times, to have someone to help you, to keep you grounded, and to handle the situation from a different perspective."

"There was a very difficult situation, I am still 21-22 years old, whose minds are not as mature as they should be when faced with the situation we are in and asking for psychological help, and I think that is very important."

In the upcoming season, the 22-year-old player is eager to secure more consistent playing opportunities. However, it is anticipated that he will primarily serve as a backup to the main central defensive pairing of Alessio Romagnoli and Nicolo Casale. It is worth noting that the Spaniard's contract is set to expire in June 2027.

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