Galatasaray Is Attempting To Sign Muriqi From Mallorca, Lazio May Receive Additional Injections For The Transfer Market

Vedat Muriqi, an experienced center forward, has the potential to make a significant impact on Lazio's liquidity index.  Or, if Lotito manages to unlock him, Muriqi can prove to be a valuable asset in assisting Sarri with new signings.

The fate of the situation rests solely on Icardi, as he is preparing to depart from Galatasaray. In their search for a replacement, Galatasaray has expressed interest in acquiring Mallorca's Muriqi, who has garnered considerable attention from multiple European clubs following his exceptional performance in La Liga, where he scored 15 goals. The Spanish club has established a price of 20 Million for the transfer.

You might be wondering, what does Lazio have to do with this? Well, it's actually quite relevant. When the Kosovar player was sold to Mallorca, the Lazio club (thanks to the efforts of their former sports director, Tare, who had originally brought him to Rome for 19 Million) retained a 45% stake in any future resale. To put it plainly, if Mallorca were to sell him for 20 Million, Lazio would receive 9 Million in profit. This is almost the same amount as Torreira's cost and nearly half of Berardi's price tag.

In short, the Muriqi sale is worthwhile.  A reasonable sum that would enable Lotito to outperform the liquidity index and spend more.

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