Napoli Will Exercise Simeone Buyout Obligation From Hellas Verona

The main focus for the Lazio team currently lies in securing a backup for Immobile, which is why the club has already initiated moves in the market. One of the profiles being considered for the Biancoceleste is that of Giovanni Simeone, who has been generating quite a bit of buzz. Maurizio Sarri is especially interested in having him on the team. Recently, there were rumors of his possible transfer to the capital, but something appears to have gone awry.

During Napoli's championship season, Simeone scored 9 goals within 765 minutes, which proved to be crucial to their success. From the moment of his arrival, the team has held a significant place for themselves in the league. According to La Repubblica, Simeone's objective is to remain with Napoli. The club, owned by De Laurentiis, has a redemption right that was set at 12 million euros and must be executed by Thursday. There will likely be communication between Napoli and Verona, and Napoli's President will engage directly with the Verona club. Cholito, on the other hand, has very clear goals: he wants to stay with the blue squads and play more. As a result, the chance of his arrival in the capital appears to have vanished. 

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