Al Wahda Is Interested In Lazio's Fares And Is Attempting To Negotiate With His Agent

Fares had high hope of becoming a crucial member of the new biancoceleste team until the very end. His commitment and performance during the Auronzo retreat had rekindled his belief in these ambitions. The Algerian felt he had earned the faith of the staff, carving out a niche for himself on the field as an option for the left-back and a dependable support figure in his assigned position. 

However, football is often unpredictable, and appearances can be deceiving; Fares' promising start was not enough to secure his future with the Biancoceleste shirt, as the focus shifted towards the profile of the Juventus player and the Pellegrini negotiation, leaving his prospects in the shadows.

In the world of football, players must be proactive, especially when their future is uncertain. Fares' agents have already begun to take action by searching for new opportunities since last week. Their responsibility is to secure a favorable proposal. It is worth noting that Saudi Arabia has shown interest from the outset. 

Al Wahda has stated a readiness to invest in Algerian talent.  Fares, who appears to prefer Italian and European football, seeks above all to find a solution that would allow him to play consistently following the two knee surgeries.

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