Lazio Have Returned To Negotiate With Kamada, Although There Are Still Some Obstacles

Initially, Daichi Kamada seemed like a forgotten name, lost among the plethora of uncertainties in the transfer market. However, he has made a surprising return to the spotlight following the Lotito-Sarri summit which took place between July and August. Kamada's resurgence has brought him back into the discussions near Formello, potentially bridging the gap between the coach and the president. As a currently unattached Japanese footballer, Kamada possesses a unique blend of both quantity and quality. He serves as a dynamic and tenacious midfielder with a strong inclination toward offensive play. It is worth noting that he would take up a non-EU citizen spot on the team roster.

Having been born in 1996, Kamada will reach the age of 27 on August 5th. Currently, in a period of significant development, he has recently concluded his time at Eintracht Frankfurt and now possesses the agency to determine his future path. During a recent interview, Kamada disclosed that he has been presented with multiple offers from four different clubs, all of which are slated to participate in the prestigious Champions League tournament. One of these clubs includes Lazio.

Lotito is willing to offer him a deal worth 3.5 million euros per season: a free transfer but with huge fees. In addition to commissions, Biancoceleste should pay the Japanese international a high salary, close to the figures proposed to Luis Alberto. So to speak it is not a good sign, given the number of players already on the squad who are up for renewal. 

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