Lazio Are Also Interested In Castrovilli, In Addition To Kamada

In addition to Kamada, another potential option for bridging the gap between the coach and the president is Gaetano Castrovilli. Presently, Castrovilli's contract with Fiorentina is set to expire by the end of June 2024. Naturally, La Viola have been making efforts to secure a new contract for the Italian international. Nevertheless, thus far, they have been unable to come to a mutual agreement. With 10 months remaining before the deadline, La Viola have the option to sell the player now and prevent losing him for no compensation

However, there is another possibility to consider. Fiorentina's number 10 could serve as a compromise between Sarri and Lotito. He is a skilled footballer with attributes that align with the coach's style of play, and at the age of 26, his price and salary are within a reasonable range for the club owner. Furthermore, it should be noted that Castrovilli is an athlete who has successfully overcome a significant injury that confined him to the sidelines from April to December 2022. Since his comeback, he has played a crucial role in Fiorentina's remarkable journey to the finals of both the Italian Cup and the Conference League.

Last season, he appeared in 26 games and had four goals and one assist. The player wants to shine as he did before the knee injury. Fiorentina's number 10 also holds the title of European Champion, which Italy won in 2021. Castrovilli could be one of the meeting points between Sarri and Lotito in this situation. Let's see how this story progresses over the next few days.

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