Luis Alberto Did Not Travel To England With His Teammates To Face Aston Villa In A Friendly Match

August 03, 2023

Luis Alberto, the primary midfielder for Lazio, will be absent when they embark on their tour of England to face Aston Villa. Lazio, who finished as the runners-up in the previous season's Italian Serie A, will have to navigate this challenge without their influential playmaker.

According to multiple sources in Italy's media, Luis Alberto will be absent from Lazio's pre-season match against Aston Villa due to an ongoing dispute regarding his contract situation.

The last hours of Lazio were marked by a notable incident. Once again, Luis Alberto was at the center of attention as he failed to appear for the team's final training session in Formello yesterday and did not accompany them to England today. The talented player, known as "The Magician," expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of acknowledgment regarding a bonus of approximately 100,000 euros, which has caused a delay in his contract renewal with Lazio.

Just a week ago, he expressed his frustration through social media, expressing his limited patience as the eagerly anticipated new contract, extending until 2027 and offering nearly double the salary, had yet to be presented to his agents. This act was a strategic move to exert pressure on the club, and it proved effective as the club swiftly sent the contract to the You First agency within a matter of hours.  His agency, on the other hand, claims that the new contract never arrived.

From the perspective of Lazio's management, it is important to note that Luis Alberto is under contract with the club, and he must respect the current agreement and conduct himself properly, and thus professionally.  The club was not pleased with the decision to skip training and travel to England; it was also perceived as a lack of respect for teammates and staff.  This is why Lazio wants Luis Alberto to be the first to take the first step toward reconciliation.

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