[Official] Lazio Have Extended Ruggeri's Contract Until 2026

The contract renewal for Fabio Ruggeri, who serves as captain of the Primavera and also will join Sarri's first team starting in July, has been signed and will extend until the year 2026.

After a long absence, the Biancoceleste Primavera Team has successfully made it back to the top division of their category. Despite this achievement, the team is not complacent and continues to work diligently in preparation for a demanding season ahead. Apart from the championship, the Primavera will also compete in the Youth League against the most exceptional Italian youth sector teams. Competing against such high-level opponents requires careful consideration of the transfer market and its impact on team performance. As such, the transfer market will play a crucial role in the team's success this season.

The focus is not only on incoming and outgoing, but also on the matter of renewals. Coach Sanderra has reason to rejoice, as a significant player has renewed their contract. The captain of the Primavera team, Fabio Ruggeri, has committed to remaining with the team until 2026. This news is also a positive development for Sarri, who has been diligently working with the young player since the summer months, both in Auronzo and Formello.

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