Matri: "Spalletti? I Believe The Best Coach Available Was Chosen. He May Also Relaunch Immobile In Azzurri."

In a recent interview with TuttoSport, Alessandro Matri, a former striker for Lazio, discussed various topics including his thoughts on the Biancoceleste team. When questioned about his impressions of the all team's performances in the first three championship matches, Matri responded with the following:

"Inter is undoubtedly a favorite.  Napoli leaves me with some doubts: they are strong, but I believe that the departure of Kim could potentially have a significant impact on the team's performance. Milan has made some impressive acquisitions during the offseason, and their quick integration with the team has been a pleasant surprise. As for fourth place, I predict that it will be a close competition between Juventus, Atalanta, and Lazio."

Luciano Spalletti's new role as coach of the national team was a point of focus for him. Specifically, he shared his thoughts on the new direction that the former Napoli coach is taking. Additionally, he also highlighted the importance of Lazio Captain Ciro Immobile in this new course.

"I believe the best coach available was chosen; he showed it last year, and I believe he has players who fit his style of play. He may also relaunch Immobile in Azzurri, as we witnessed with Osimhen, who is not a dribbler but exploited it in the deep attack.  Ciro is another player who prefers to attack space, and I believe he will work well with Spalletti."

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