[Official] Spalletti Has Chosen Immobile To Replace Bonucci As New Italy Captain

The Azzurri's new National team, led by Luciano Spalletti, is set to make their debut this week. Spalletti, the former coach of Napoli, has chosen Ciro Immobile as the team's new captain.

The Serie A championship is at a standstill due to the break for the national teams.  During this phase, the recently appointed Italy led by Luciano Spalletti will play some matches. Spalletti has picked five players from Lazio, his previous team: Provedel, Casale, Romagnoli, Zaccagni, and Immobile.

After Leonardo Bonucci departed from the Azzurri, Luciano Spalletti had to resolve certain uncertainties regarding the national team, particularly concerning the selection of a captain. Ultimately, Ciro Immobile was chosen to wear the captain's armband, and he expressed his readiness to accept this prestigious responsibility both for his club and for the national team.


Lazio also experienced a moment of immense pride as they welcomed their fourth Italian captain. This follows in the footsteps of Silvio Piola, Attilio Ferraris, and Angelo Peruzzi who have held this esteemed title in the past.

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