Guendouzi: "In My Opinion, We Deserved The Full Three Points In Today's Game, As We Were Competing Against A Formidable Team In A Challenging Stadium."

One of the key players in Lazio's recent victory at Celtic Park was undoubtedly Mattéo Guendouzi. The French player made a remarkable cross, leading to a decisive assist to Pedro and ultimately contributing to the team's success.

Following the match, the Lazio Style Channel journalists intercepted the midfielder and inquired about his emotions towards the defining moment.

"Making the winning pass was a moment of great joy for me. With his exceptional skill, Pedro was able to convert it into a goal, making it a crucial moment for our entire team."

Later on, the UEFA reporters also captured Matteo Guendouzi's words.

"We are happy because we got a good result tonight. The significance of achieving a victory of this magnitude is that it indicates the strength of our mentality. In my opinion, we deserved the full three points in today's game, as we were competing against a formidable team in a challenging stadium. Despite our unremarkable start in the Serie A, our recent success in the Champions League has reminded us to remain persistent. We must continue to work tirelessly to progress as a team and secure our place within the group."

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