Guendouzi: "Sarri Expressed His Desire To Have Me And Pledged To Contribute To My Further Development. I Acknowledge That There's Still Much To Learn About His Tactics, But His Winning Mentality Is Inspiring."

Matteo Guendouzi, who made the switch to Lazio last summer from Olympique Marseille following a series of negotiations between the clubs, attributed his decision to Maurizio Sarri's pivotal role in the process.

He expressed his unwavering commitment, saying, "While there may be some time involved in finalizing everything, my focus is solely on the Biancoceleste," as reported by Il Messaggero.

Guendouzi's decision stemmed from a deep sense of tranquility and belief that no obstacle could deter him from choosing Lazio. Despite receiving an offer from the Premier League, he opted for a club with a robust project and a rich history of success in Italy and Europe, one that aspires to further flourish through participation in the prestigious Champions League.

Guendouzi emphasized the significance of Maurizio Sarri in his decision-making process.

"Sarri expressed his desire to have me and pledged to contribute to my further development. The prospect of moving to Serie A has already captivated me, having faced him four times in England. Sarri's offensive approach, granting midfielders significant freedom, mesmerized me. I acknowledge that there's still much to learn about his tactics, but his winning mentality is inspiring," he explained.

The midfielder anticipates a more substantial role compared to his previous experiences.

"My past experiences with coaches Mickael Landreau and Mikel Arteta didn't yield the desired results. I worked under their guidance, but we diverged in our paths," he mentioned.

"My personal growth as a footballer and my journey to Lazio, including being called up to the French national team, can be attributed to my character evolution. I've matured, becoming less impulsive and adopting a more composed demeanor."

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