Immobile Still Not Fully Fit, Castellanos Set To Play Against Sassuolo Once More

Lazio is preparing to give their primary striker, Ciro Immobile, a break during their upcoming Serie A match against Sassuolo following the international break. The team captain is currently recuperating from a minor muscle issue.

Although Ciro Immobile has successfully dodged a muscle injury, Lazio isn't willing to take any chances. They plan to give him a break in their upcoming game against Sassuolo.

According to Corriere dello Sport, there is uncertainty surrounding Ciro Immobile's participation in the upcoming game against the Neroverdi. The captain of Lazio is set to undergo further testing on Monday. In the meantime, Sarri is expected to rely on Castellanos to lead the attack against Berardi and his teammates.

After showing an impressive performance against Atalanta, the Argentine forward will have another opportunity to prove his worth. The coach has granted 48 hours of rest, and training is set to resume on Monday, October 16th. 

After a string of short appearances, Taty was allowed to start the match against Atalanta. He hopes to perform just as well once again, to prove his worth to the coach who has placed his confidence in him. Immobile needs to fully recover from his thigh problem and will be able to heal peacefully, Taty is ready to replace him.  

The role of the Vice-Immobile has been established, and it's now the Argentine center forward's opportunity to prove himself. His primary attributes of strength, dynamism, and fierce competitiveness can be valuable to Lazio when needed. During the national team break, Taty diligently trained under Sarri's guidance, enhancing his understanding of the coach's instructions.

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