Cataldi Demonstrates His Capability For Competing With Rovella For The Starting Lineup

November 16, 2023

In the most emotionally charged game of Lazio, Danilo Cataldi made his return to the starting lineup. It had been almost two months since Sarri had last included him, and this was a notable decision. According to "Il Corriere dello Sport," Cataldi had not started a game since Lazio's match against Monza, making the move a potentially risky one. However, in the presence of Roma's top attackers Dybala and Lukaku, Cataldi proved his worth by shutting down every passing lane and effectively neutralizing Mourinho's two key players.

It appears that Sarri has chosen the position of playmaker, with Rovella being selected for the championship games and Vecino for the Champions League. Vecino has played this role numerous times in the past year, bringing unpredictability and equilibrium to the team. Meanwhile, the former Monza team has shown growth, which seemed to limit Danilo's opportunities. However, due to his performance in the derby, it is hopeful that Danilo's prospects may once again change, and he will have the chance to receive more playing time after the break.

At this point, he had only played once, against Sassuolo in Reggio Emilia, in which he struck a spectacular post with a brilliantly executed shot from outside the box.  Sarri tried to motivate him by saying he was playing less because he was performing less, and in the end, he got the desired impact when Danilo rolled up his sleeves and persuaded the Biancoceleste coach to play him again.  There will be plenty of competition, but Cataldi is eager to make his mark during this busy season.

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