Lazio Are Interested In Monza's Colpani In The Event That Kamada Decides To Leave The Club

Despite recent improvements in their defense, Lazio is still in search of a formidable attacking team. The Biancoceleste's 13 goals in 12 days do not suffice for a team of their caliber. Furthermore, the departure of Milinkovic has left a void in the team, as Kamada is incapable of playing alongside Luis Alberto in their preferred 4-3-3 formation. There is also concern over the potential departure of Kamada, who may leave as early as June or January. As a result, Lazio is now scouting for potential replacements.

As reported in today's issue of Il Messaggero, Lazio is said to be in pursuit of Andrea Colpani. The revelation from Monza, who was recently called up by Spalletti to play for the Italian national team, has already managed to score 6 goals in just 12 matches. Although Inter, Milan, and Roma have all expressed interest in the player, the relationship between Galliani and Lotito could potentially benefit the deal. However, Colpani's valuation is estimated to be around 20-25 million, which would require a significant investment to overcome the competition from other major teams vying for his talent. Basic could potentially be included in the transaction to balance the books, but it remains to be seen how this will ultimately play out. Furthermore, understanding coexisting with Luis Alberto would be important, which could be challenging for the Monza player.

We must find answers with the personnel we have available, because any arrivals at the front are closely related to the future of Immobile and Pedro.  The two appear to be planning to stay and, in any event, not relocate in January.  They'll discuss it again in June.

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