Fiore: "Kamada? It Is Not Automatic That Those Who Arrive Immediately Replace Those Who Leave In The Best Possible Way, And It's Now Happening To Him."

November 22, 2023

Stefano Fiore, the former midfielder of Lazio, recently discussed the current state of affairs at the Biancoceleste home during a Radiosei interview. Here are his words:

"Lazio had all the necessary conditions for a fresh start, despite losing a key player. New players of high caliber arrived, allowing Sarri to switch things up, while still maintaining the core of the team. Although a better start was expected, the current league standing is not ideal, as the team's overall value is worth more. However, the recent victory against Feyenoord in the Champions League has leveled the standings, providing a good chance for group advancement. Nevertheless, the team is currently experiencing fluctuations and must strive for consistency."

"In football, assigning blame is not a cut-and-dry matter. It is reasonable to believe that the team we faced was vastly different from the one we expected, and as a result, our approach to the game had to change. Lazio was a well-established team that we had to face with caution and preparation. This demonstrates that in football, things rarely proceed as planned or in a straight line. Among the many factors is the addition of talented players from other leagues who require longer time. This is the most important one. However, I believe that the biggest challenge with insertion is that the team's key players don't always have brilliant moments for a variety of reasons. This affects the newcomers who don't seem to fit in. Even with a strong roster and talented players, Lazio is currently going through a certain phase, which is why they aren't playing to their full potential."

"Kamada? His position is correct, in my opinion, and he possesses certain qualities that are particularly highlighted in Germany. I don't see much of myself in him because we have different technical characteristics. He looks like a great raider who enters space from behind, and I was more of an attacking midfielder. However, there is a parallel between my arrival and theirs: just as I arrived after exceptional players, it is not automatic that those who arrive immediately replace those who leave in the best possible way, and it's now happening to him. Guendouzi is less affected due to his competitive traits, which help him fit in. But replacing a key player requires time, as you have to adapt to different competition."

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