Luis Alberto: "It Seems Clear That We Were Not Performing At Our Best, If We Score More, We Can Move Back Into The European Spots."

November 22, 2023

After analyzing Lazio's current position as we head into the Serie A restart this November, it's clear that they aren't off to a great start this season. Luis Alberto even commented on this, acknowledging their unconvincing position as they currently sit in 10th place with a collection of 17 points - a whole four points behind fourth-placed Napoli.

Despite a sluggish start to the season, Maurizio Sarri's team is beginning to bounce back. Nevertheless, they are not as impressive as they were in the previous season, causing concern among supporters. Despite this, Lazio remains a strong contender for a spot in the last 16 of the Champions League, currently holding the second position in their group.

During a recent interview, Luis Alberto addressed his team's sluggish beginning to the Serie A season. He disclosed that the team requires more time to adapt to the presence of numerous new players.

"Having spent many years here, I have acquired considerable knowledge of how things operate. As I reflect on the start of this season, it seems clear that we were not performing at our best. Perhaps with more seasoned players, the outcome may have been different. Every year is a different season, this year we have a lot of new players from abroad, necessitating additional time to adjust." He said via LazioNews24.

"The team has grown a lot, we've played a lot of games we haven't played before, and now we see a different team that is starting to defend as the coach asks."

"However we have to look within ourselves, it is clear we need more goals from every player, from the strikers to the midfielders, there are many games to be won."

Then the Spanish midfielder discussed Lazio's targets this season.

"We feel confident even though the tough schedule will come non-stop until March, but we have to keep thinking that we have to defend like in the last few matches, trying to score more goals to get points," he added.

"We didn't score many goals, but we are still in the race; if we score more, we can move back into the European spots." 

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