Guendouzi's Rise: Lazio's Rising Star Leaves A Lasting Impression On And Off The Field

November 15, 2023

Sarri praised Guendouzi for his exuberant personality after he securely held his position in Lazio's recent derby against Roma. Guendouzi's reliability on the field has been demonstrated since he initially replaced the starting player in the away match against Milan, and he has continued to maintain his position in every match since then. This showcases his efficacy on the pitch and his capability to perform consistently.

During the derby, Guendouzi stood out as one of the few players who exhibited a desire to win that surpassed any fear of losing. Lega Serie A pointed out his remarkable "heat map", which emphasized his devotion and hard work by showing an abundance of red spots along the entire right side of the field. He traveled a distance of 11,321 km, making him the second Lazio player to cover the most distance during the game, with only Luis Alberto surpassing him with 11,545 km. Guendouzi expressed his gratitude to the fans on Instagram for creating a fantastic atmosphere at the Olimpico, and his excellent performance was unanimously recognized with the MVP award.

While Sarri slowly integrated Guendouzi into the team, the player consistently earned the starting position, ultimately becoming a crucial component for the entire squad. Guendouzi is now earning the hearts of the supporters and establishing his value on the pitch and social media, thanks to consistency and stability.

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