Offensive Struggle: Sarri's Quest To Reignite Lazio's Goal-Scoring Amid Unprecedented Challenges

November 14, 2023

Sarri has repeatedly pointed out that Lazio is experiencing a deficiency in their goal-scoring abilities this season. The team's offensive unit is encountering difficulties in maintaining the same level of consistency that was displayed last season. As of the 12th match day, the Biancoceleste have only been able to score a total of 13 goals.

Today's edition of Corriere della Sera reports a unique challenge faced by coach Sarri. For the first time in his career, the Commander is struggling with offensive problems. Even during his tenure at Empoli, the coach managed to score 14 goals, which is one more than Lazio, during the initial 12 matchdays. This unprecedented situation has left Sarri grappling to find solutions for the team's attack. The last time Lazio had such low figures was 14 years ago when Ballardini's team scored just 9 goals in their first 12 Serie A matches.

The decline in the performance of senior players, as well as the reduced pace of Felipe Anderson and Zaccagni in comparison to the previous season, are significant factors to consider. As a result, Immobile is particularly affected and desires the wings to be closer together to alleviate feelings of isolation while playing up front.

As a result, Mr. Sarri will have to work even harder, enlisting the help of Pedro and Isaksen.  This will be the first goal to witness an increasingly complete Lazio.

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