Rovella: "Luca Pellegrini Was The One Who Informed Me About It For The First Time. I Replied That I Would Join Him The Next Day If He Were To Go As Well."

In an exclusive interview with La Lazio Siamo Noi, Nicolò Rovella spoke about his personal experiences as a midfielder with the Biancoceleste. He also discussed his journey to Lazio, which involved a lengthy negotiation process leading to his transfer from Juventus, along with Luca Pellegrini. Interestingly, it was the full-back who played an essential role in Rovella's arrival at Lazio. According to Rovella, he became aware of the club's interest through his teammate. These were his words:

"Luca Pellegrini was the one who informed me about it for the first time. We were having lunch in Turin, and he casually mentioned my name being mentioned and asked if I would attend. However, I was completely unaware of what he was talking about. I replied that I would join him the next day if he were to go as well, to which he responded that he would discuss it with me later. This led to negotiations, and my agent and coach contacted me. By the time the coach called, I had already made my decision."

Rovella continued, "The first was with the coach, then I spoke with the president, and finally with the director. The first time I was talking with the coach, he asked me, 'When will you arrive?' I didn't even know I was coming."

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