Sarri: "There Is Something Wrong Here. If I Am Considered The Main Problem Here, Then I Will Immediately Resign."

November 27, 2023

Following Lazio's loss to Salernitana with a final score of 2-1 in the Serie A match, Maurizio Sarri expressed his disappointment. The Italian coach refrained from making excuses for his team's subpar performance during the game.

Throughout their last seven away games in Serie A, Lazio has suffered defeat in five of them. This is a significant concern since it places them in a precarious position of potentially drifting further away from the European zone throughout the remainder of the season.

As a result of these events, whispers of Maurizio Sarri's potential firing began to grow louder and the coach became aware that his job security at the Stadio Olimpico was becoming increasingly precarious.

The 64-year-old coach acknowledges that if the club's management believes that he is responsible for the team's lackluster performance this season, he is willing to step down from his role as coach.

During an interview with DAZN, Sarri expressed his belief that there is an evident issue at hand.

"There is something wrong here. If I am considered the main problem here, then I will immediately resign."

Sarri admitted that his players were a little perplexing. The coach questions why Lazio's accomplishments have radically changed in such a short time, given that the squad's composition is essentially the same as it was last season.

"I don't understand, considering that I treated them (the players) in the same way last season," he said.

"In a couple of days we will carry out an evaluation and if the result is that this is all my fault, then I will be the first one to submit a letter of resignation to the President," said Sarri.

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