The Five Captains That Have Been With Their Respective Clubs The Longest Within Serie A

Several players have been considered icons of the club. They may obtain this for some reason. The reasons are a lengthy service history, a vital role, or good performance.

Because of their lengthy tenure, several players were elected as team leaders with success. This same holds for the Italian Serie A team of 2023–2024, which features multiple captains with significant tenure. These are the five captains who have spent the most time at their respective clubs out of the 20 key captains for the 2023–2024 Serie A team.

1. Davide Calabria

The average football fan is not familiar with Davide Calabria's work at AC Milan. But to AC Milan supporters, this right-back player is well-known. Because he was successful in representing players from the Lombardy region, where the city of Milan is located.

Since he was still in the academy team, Calabria has grown up with AC Milan. It wasn't until 2015 that he was elevated to the first team, albeit in an uncomfortable position. He managed to endure and eventually rise to the top position. Calabria eventually had the chance to take over as AC Milan captain in the 2021–2022 season, taking Alessio Romagnoli's place as he transferred to Lazio. Calabria has continued to play this part up until this season.

2. Rafael Toloi

Atalanta Bergamo were searching for a new captain for the 2020–2021 campaign as a result of Papu Gomez's departure. A senior defender who has been a member of the team since the 2015–2016 campaign was appointed. Rafael Toloi, a Brazilian-born player for the Italian national team, is this person.

Toloi has performed admirably thus far in a crucial role as a captain. He is a trustworthy player who fulfills his obligations with firmness. It is hardly shocking that Gian Piero Gasperini continues to support Toloi's captaincy at Atalanta.

3. Ciro Immobile

Ciro Immobile brought his game back to his peak after joining Lazio in the summer of 2016. He didn't perform well while playing for Sevilla and Borussia Dortmund in the past. Immobile is highly dependable thanks to this brilliant move. He also had success with Lazio, finishing as the league's top scorer in multiple editions.

In 2021, Lazio gave more responsibility to Immobile. The task of leading the squad in place of Senad Lulic, who is retiring, falls to this Italian striker. Until now, this responsibility still lies with Immobile.

4. Lorenzo Pellegrini

There have occasionally been legendary captains for AS Roma. Among them are Franco Cordova, Daniele De Rossi, Francesco Totti, and Luis del Sol. At the moment, Lorenzo Pellegrini, a Rome-born player who began wearing the AS Roma kit at the senior level in 2017, holds this role.

Pellegrini's appointment is regarded as ideal. because the midfielder for the Italian national team is a strong, experienced individual who is qualified to represent Rome itself. Pellegrini was just named AS Roma's captain for the 2019–2020 campaign, taking Daniele De Rossi's place.

5. Leonardo Pavoletti

Leonardo Pavoletti was less of a professional at first, he switched clubs rather frequently.  However, since 2017, Pavoletti has never moved again and is very loyal to Cagliari.

In actuality, Pavoletti stayed faithful even after Cagliari was demoted. He is deserving of the position of team captain because of this. Pavoletti was only named Cagliari's captain in 2022, taking Diego Godin's spot. 

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