Zaccagni: "After Experiencing A Rocky Start, Our Team Was Able To Bounce Back And My Target Is Winning The Trophy With Lazio."

November 20, 2023

Mattia Zaccagni has recently expressed his interest in extending his contract with Lazio, as well as his aspiration to win trophies with the club based in the Italian capital. The winger has proven to be a valuable asset to Maurizio Sarri's team over the past two seasons.

Mattia Zaccagni, a 28-year-old winger from Italy, has not been performing to his full potential this season, much like his fellow attackers. In 15 appearances in Serie A and the Champions League, he has only been able to score one goal and provide one assist.

As of now, reports suggest that Lazio is making arrangements for a new contract for Zaccagni, whose current contract is set to expire in the summer of 2025. However, there seems to be no notable advancement in this matter. It appears that the club's main priority at the moment is to extend another winger's contract, namely Felipe Anderson.

The winger first discussed his main target with the Biancoceleste.

"After experiencing a rocky start, our team was able to bounce back and my target is winning the trophy with Lazio. The sport of football has undergone significant changes when compared to previous eras. While clubs need to secure a spot in the Champions League to generate revenue, but for me trophies are more important," he said via Corriere della Sera.

"The ultimate goal of playing any sport is to emerge victorious, and fans are constantly yearning for that outcome. However, to maintain harmony and unity within the club, it became necessary to make a concession. We aimed to secure a spot in the Champions League through the Serie A. This way, there would be no discrepancy in priorities among the players, the fans, and the organization, which could potentially lead to discord."

The 28-year-old player was asked whether he wanted to sign a contract extension with The Aquile.

"The team is aware that there has been a lack of communication as of late, and Lotito's modus operandi is to halt discussions only to resume them later on," he explained.

"While he may have his unique approach, I believe it's necessary to tackle the issue of Felipe Anderson's contract first, considering it's set to expire soon. In contrast, my contract is scheduled to expire in 2025."

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