Felipe Anderson: "Soon, There Will Be Some Positive News. We'll Meet In A Few Days; Lazio Is Always My Priority."

November 20, 2023

Felipe Anderson has hinted at the possibility of extending his contract with Lazio soon. The Brazilian player has played a consistent role as a regular player under Maurizio Sarri's management in the Italian capital for the past two years, including the current 2023/24 season.

Lazio's Brazilian winger, Felipe Anderson, hinted at the possibility of signing a contract extension with the club in the coming days. Negotiations between the player and the team have been ongoing for some time, with both parties striving to come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

"I have a wonderful relationship with the president, and we are on the right track. Soon, there will be some positive news. We'll meet in a few days; Lazio is always my priority. The most essential thing is to get to an arrangement that pleases everyone. The President, too, wishes to continue this collaboration," he told Il Tempo.

Last summer, Anderson disclosed receiving an offer from Saudi Arabia.

"I was contacted last summer because they knew my contract was up and they wanted to know if I wanted to leave," he added.

The winger also discussed his decision to return to playing with Lazio

"I wanted it; when I left Porto, I asked my sister if there was any chance I could return. We took advantage of the situation. Rome is my home, and I only visit Brazil to see my mother."

He also spoke about his connection with Maurizio Sarri, his coach.

"He always said nice things to me, which encouraged me to perform well on the field. We all need to improve, but the team always puts out the best effort. I was unhappy when I couldn't deliver what I desired. In the last few games, we've shown that we're back on track." 

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