Fiore: "It Is Evident That There Are Doubts Among The Lazio Squad Regarding Sarri's Methods. Maintaining The Same Level Of Performance As Last Year Was Challenging."

December 29, 2023

After the short break in Serie A due to the short Christmas holidays, Lazio will return to the pitch tomorrow 29 December against Frosinone. Sarri's men are called to win, after the one obtained against Empoli, so as not to move away from the top positions in the table. Stefano Fiore, former Biancoceleste footballer, gives his opinion on the coach and team to TvPlay.

"It is evident that there are doubts among the Lazio squad regarding Sarri's methods. Maintaining the same level of performance as last year was challenging, but it was not impossible to deliver certain notable performances. However, some of Sarri's remarks have the potential to disrupt the team dynamics. Considering the exceptional season we had previously, I would expect a higher standard to be set, but that does not seem to be the case. The players may not appreciate some of the comments made by the coach. On the other hand, Mourinho's impact on Roma's players is perceived differently - they believe that under his guidance, they can thrive and improve. Lazio do not have a Milinkovic replacement. Kamada and Isaksen are not." 

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