Lotito Is Outraged By Marotta's Action To Reduce Serie A To 18 Teams And Demands His Resignation

Lazio President Claudio Lotito allegedly requested Beppe Marotta's resignation from the Italian Football Federation due to the intentions of Inter, Milan, and Juventus to decrease the number of participating teams in Serie A to 18.

Reports indicate that tensions are escalating within Lega Serie A regarding the proposed reforms, as the Federation has issued a cautionary statement about the potential downsizing of the top division from 20 teams to a mere 18.

Although Lega Serie A is typically against the concept, Juventus, Inter, and Milan have engaged in discussions with FIGC president Gabriele Gravina to support and collaborate on this revival.

As per the news published in Corriere della Sera, Claudio Lotito, the president of Lazio, was deeply angered by this development and engaged in a heated disagreement with Angelo Capellini, Inter's lawyer.

The president of Lazio expressed his dissatisfaction, arguing that Beppe Marotta's responsibility was to act as a mediator between Lega Serie A and Serie A, representing the 20 teams involved. As a result, they will demand his resignation.

The 21-member Federal Council has only three Serie A delegates compared to six from the LND (Amateur League). While the FIGC pushes for change, Lega Serie A president Lorenzo Casini has warned that they are looking into a Premier League-style break away from the Federation to offer them "more autonomy."

The meeting is scheduled for March 11 to reform FIGC laws and fight for the future of Italian football.

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