The Existing Contract Expiration Dates Across Lazio's Squads

February 19, 2024

At Lazio, the subject of contract renewals has become a central point of conversation. The club finds itself grappling with the task of managing contracts that are coming to an end, honoring commitments that were made, and acknowledging the outstanding performances of specific players.

As the discussions about contract renewals commenced, a handful of players came under the spotlight, including Felipe Anderson, Zaccagni, Romagnoli, Patric, Casale, and, most notably, Provedel, whose exceptional performance in the previous season has truly solidified his worth.

Hence, it becomes imperative to meticulously monitor the expiry dates of every contract held by Maurizio Sarri's team. This particular aspect holds immense significance as it aids in formulating effective strategies and comprehending the contractual framework at the esteemed Formello training center.

Below are the contract deadlines:

2024 - Felipe Anderson, Kamada*, Sepe (loan), Lombardi;

2025 - Zaccagni, Marusic, Hysaj, Vecino, Diego Gonzalez, André Anderson, Sana Fernandes, Pedro;

2026 - Immobile, Basic***, Kamenovic***;

2027 - Luis Alberto**, Casale, Patric, Romagnoli, Provedel, Lazzari, Gila, Cataldi;

2028 - Castellanos, Isaksen, Mandas.

*The contract includes a three-year renewal clause to be paid by the player.

**There is an annual contract renewal option in the contract.

***Currently on loan 

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