Lotito: "I Recognized Parts Of My Own Character In Tudor; He Was A Real Guy. He Can Help The Team Regain Confidence And Potential."

Lazio President Claudio Lotito has expressed significant optimism regarding Igor Tudor, who has become the Biancoceleste's new coach following the resignation of Maurizio Sarri some time ago.

Sarri's tenure with Lazio will come to an end in March 2024, officially marking his departure from the club he has managed since the summer of 2021. Despite this, Sarri's decision to resign after four consecutive defeats caught many by surprise.

Lotito mentioned that parting ways with Sarri was not initially planned but deemed necessary given the circumstances. He believes that appointing Tudor is the right decision amidst this critical period.

"It wasn't planned, but when the emergency situation arose, I made a decision, and I'm confident it was the right one," Lotito told Football Italia.

According to Lotito, Tudor's appointment signifies a new era for Lazio, with the coach expected to instill a sense of determination and discipline within the squad.

"I selected a coach who is dedicated and understands the importance of rewarding and punishing players in football. We require all players to be responsible. Everyone, including their new coach, acknowledges that Lazio is a destination rather than a launching platform.

Lotito emphasized Tudor's ability to reignite Lazio's ambition and restore confidence, acknowledging the need for players to take responsibility and perform consistently.

"Tudor can revive hunger, pride, and a feeling of community. He can help the team regain confidence and potential. In several games, the squad appeared to lose direction because we earned victories against big clubs rather than minor ones."

Tudor's focus on winning matches rather than just playing well resonates with Lotito, who sees similarities in their character and values.

"I recognized parts of my own character in Tudor; he was a real guy. Tudor stated unequivocally at his news conference yesterday: 'Playing well is fine, but I'm interested in winning.' We now have the conditions to accomplish that."

Despite Lazio's current position in Serie A and their Coppa Italia journey, qualifying for the Champions League remains a challenging task that would require an exceptional performance in the remainder of the season.

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