Lotito: "The Coach Has Integrated Him Into The Team And Sees Him As A Key Player For The Future; Now It's Up To Him To Decide Whether To Continue With Lazio."

Lotito is working to persuade Kamada to remain with the team. Despite his past challenges under Sarri, the Japanese midfielder has emerged as an indispensable player in the new Tudor era. With his adaptability, dynamism, and central role in the team's strategy, the former Eintracht player has taken charge of Lazio's midfield and aims to guide the team through the remainder of the Champions League campaign.

While his contract ends in June, the decision ultimately rests with Kamada. He will have the opportunity to choose between staying with Lazio or joining another club as a free agent. President Lotito is exerting pressure on him, as evidenced by his statement in Il Messaggero: "The coach has integrated him into the team and sees him as a key player for the future; now it's up to him to decide whether to continue with Lazio." 

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