Lazio Primavera And Women's Teams Approaching Milestones Of Success

Lazio Women's are on the verge of promotion, and Lazio's Primavera team are  in the Scudetto playoffs. While the first team experienced a mixed season, other Biancoceleste teams are reaping the rewards of groundwork laid two summers ago by Angelo Fabiani and Enrico Lotito for both young men and women. 

Lazio's Primavera climbed out of Primavera 2, earned a well-deserved promotion, and in their first year back in the top flight, they secured a spot in the Scudetto playoffs. This success is credited to Mister Sanderra's work in shaping a winning team, showcasing talents like Sana Fernandes, Magro, Dutu, Sardo, Napolitano, Ruggeri, and others. The Primavera team aims to finish the regular season strongly, including a crucial upcoming derby, and then perform well in the playoffs. They approach these challenges without pressure, with clarity, and a continued dream to achieve historic success. 

The Lazio Women's team also eyes promotion after a significant win against San Marino, with an important match against Ternana on the horizon, potentially leading to Serie A promotion. Fabiani's decision to bring in Grassadonia, alongside Lotito's dedicated work in Formello, rejuvenated both Biancoceleste teams, providing renewed hope and success after years of underperformance, especially in the Primavera division. The young Eagles are now poised for a brighter future. 

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