Lazio's Dilemma With Daichi Kamada's Contract

Football is an intriguing sport with unpredictable twists. Until two months ago, Daichi Kamada remained on the sidelines. However, with a change in coach to Tudor, he reclaimed his place in the starting lineup and became a key player. 

His future is uncertain as his contract expires in June, but he has the option to extend it until May 30. According to a report in today's edition of Il Messaggero, Lazio is not willing to wait until the end of May. 

Following a meeting between Tudor and sporting director Fabiani last Wednesday, Kamada was summoned by the club and is expected to provide a final answer by May 15. While he is reconsidering staying at Formello, there are complications. 

Although Kamada is open to it, the club is unaware of the potential counter-offer: a one-year extension instead of the three-year option in the current contract. Kamada has other offers, including one from Crystal Palace under his former coach Glasner. He prefers to delay the decision until 2025, when he can move as a free agent. Lazio faces the dilemma of how to proceed.

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