Tudor: "I'm Displeased With This Performance, With Only Three Games Remaining, Time Is Limited, So We Must Prepare Diligently, Especially For The Upcoming Match Against Empoli."

Following the 2-2 draw between Monza and Lazio, Biancoceleste coach Igor Tudor addressed the media in a press conference to discuss the result. Here are his comments:

Regarding the confrontation between players and fans, Tudor refrained from commenting as he needed to understand the situation with his team first. He mentioned analyzing the match thoroughly to provide a proper assessment.

"I cannot provide a comment as I am not aware of the details. I need to discuss and understand the situation with the team before I can offer any insights."

Regarding Zaccagni's substitution, Tudor noted that Zaccagni was on thin ice with a yellow card and a half, acknowledging the player's tension. He also mentioned the team's overall performance, expressing disappointment with both the offensive and defensive aspects, as well as the mental state. Tudor acknowledged Monza's strength but felt a win wouldn't have been justified, emphasizing the need to prepare for upcoming matches.

Reflecting on the last-minute equalizer, Tudor acknowledged the unpredictability of football and stressed the importance of preparation for the remaining three matches, starting with Empoli.

"In football, anything is possible. It's a sport of ups and downs, where outcomes can vary widely. The championship isn't determined by a single match but by the entirety of 38 games. With only three games remaining, time is limited, so we must prepare diligently, especially for the upcoming match against Empoli."

Commenting on Felipe Anderson's performance and substitutions, Tudor noted that many players underperformed and that substitutions were made strategically. He expressed the need for improved performance moving forward.

Tudor also mentioned the team's struggles defensively and with possession, expressing sadness and anger but also determination to address these issues.

"We faced challenges on multiple fronts, both defensively and in possession. I'm displeased with this performance; it leaves me feeling saddened and frustrated. However, I'm also certain about my course of action moving forward. As for refereeing, while we received numerous yellow cards, I need to assess the situation thoroughly."

Explaining the decision to start Immobile, Tudor noted his fitness and motivation, citing Immobile's crucial goal and hoping for more success in upcoming matches. He clarified that it was a tactical choice. 

"I observed Ciro in good form. Castellanos underwent a minor dental procedure earlier in the week. Immobile showed great motivation and contributed an important goal. I anticipate he will continue to perform well in upcoming matches. This decision to start him was based on technical considerations."

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