Lotito: "Baroni? We Believe He Is The Right Coach For This Team. Now, We Are Focusing On Both The Technical And Mental Preparation Of The Team At Lazio."

Claudio Lotito, the president of Lazio, has broken his silence and spoken to Sportitalia during the unveiling of the new Serie A logo. He discussed several topics, including the appointment of Marco Baroni as the new head coach and the rumors linking Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood to Lazio. He also briefly commented on the Italian national team's disappointing performance at Euro 2024. Here are his remarks:

"Baroni? It's a technical decision. We assess individuals based on their professional skills and the contributions they can make, especially in player development and tactical strategy. We believe he is the right coach for this team."

"Greenwood a dream? I've always said that I don't sell dreams but solid realities. I aim to turn dreams into tangible results. Regardless of the names, we are building a competitive team. Technically and mentally, we were strong last year, but dressing room issues prevented us from reaching our full potential. We lost matches to less equipped teams and narrowly missed our goal. Now, we are focusing on both the technical and mental preparation of the team at Lazio."

"Italian national team in European competitions? I don't comment on matters outside my responsibility. The results speak for themselves."

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