Parolo: "This Group Is Great. Great Desire Tonight"

August 22, 2021

The words of the former biancoceleste midfielder at the first exit in his new role as columnist for DAZN.

For the past few months, he has no longer worn the Lazio shirt and, after having imagined continuing to play, has embarked on a new career.  We are talking about Marco Parolo, who has reinvented himself as a columnist for DAZN.  Present in the studio for the biancoceleste's season debut, the former midfielder talked about his old teammates.  These are his statements.

"Tonight I saw a lot of quality, but also a great desire to win.  I think the key episodes were two in the defensive phase: the recoveries of Luiz Felipe and Acerbi who sacrificed themselves to protect the result.  After a win, these mistakes are fine, you can work better during the week, and criticism is better accepted. "

"Congratulations also to Empoli who showed the same intensity for 90 minutes after the Coppa Italia match.  In Formello there is a family environment and perhaps someone like Sarri needs reality like this.  He feels comfortable and can find the right balance.  They are a fantastic group that I have been a part of for years."

"For Immobile, the numbers speak for themselves and it has always proved this.  When Ciro feels at the center of the project, then he can do a lot.  I think that even in this case he will be able to find his place.  In Rome, he found his ideal environment for him, because he needed this love and the fans at the same time needed a driver like him."

"Milinkovic is taught the role well.  He is a player who uses all his physical superiority to be able to be decisive.  Even today he was ready and moved the ball well.  He is a leader of this team, his growth can affect a lot to make a qualitative leap.  I'm glad I passed something on to him."

"For Luis Alberto, this will be something different.  With Inzaghi, he had a deep relationship, built over time.  It is not certain that this cannot also happen with Sarri, but it will take time.  Certainly, his qualities are indisputable, he can do both phases.  It will be up to him to find the best way."

"As for Pedro, knowing the environment, having played a year without fans made it easier for him to pass.  Scoring under the curve in the derby is not an easy thing to digest."

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