Luiz Felipe And Correa Respond About Their Incident At The Last Game In Their Social Media

Lazio defender, Luiz Felipe apologizes to anyone who was offended after he jumped on Joaquin Correa's shoulder but insists it was an act that was not meant to offend anyone in his side's 3-1 win over Inter at the Stadio Olimpico on Saturday (16/10).

Luiz Felipe was shown a red card after the game was over for jumping on the shoulders of former team-mate Joaquin Correa from behind to celebrate Lazio's win over Inter. The Argentine showed an angry reaction and the referee then issued a red card for the defender who left the pitch in tears.

The 24-year-old explained his position via an Instagram post among all who thought, Correa liked it.

"I would like to comment on the negative effects of what happened today at the end of the game," read Felipe's post.

“First of all I want to make it clear that I have a lot of respect for Inter and other clubs, we are all professionals, working to pursue our targets and we will never underestimate other professionals.

“At the end of the game, I jumped on Tucu's shoulders because he was one of the closest friends football gave me. Our families are friends and our relationship has always been very close,” he explained.

"What I wanted most was to hug him and joke about the result like a friend, but I was too excited, maybe it wasn't the best time or the right place. I apologize to anyone who was offended and confirm that I did not try in any way to disrespect him or any other Inter player. It was an act by someone who loved Tucu so much! I love you, bro."

Then after Luiz Felipe's message, comes Joaquin Correa's reply. The two became the protagonists of a rather particular episode at the end of Lazio-Inter which culminated with the expulsion of the biancoceleste defender. 

Inter's striker explained better what happened yesterday at the Olimpico with a story on Instagram. These are the words of Tucu: 

"I'm sorry for what happened yesterday from all points of view. First of all for the football fans, of which we should always be a positive example."

"Surely my friend Luiz was wrong, the gesture and the moment and Then in the heat of the moment, my reaction was that. I wish it had never happened. But now let's turn the page and move on, everyone."

"Head to the next match with Inter and the next challenges. I want to make the fans cheer for the good things in football."

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