Parolo: "I Think The Problems Are All Mental And Not Physical. The Players Must Find The Determination Within Themselves"

Parolo had his say on the problems highlighted to date by Maurizio Sarri's Lazio. These are the words of him, released to the microphones of Il Messaggero:

"An experienced coach like Sarri can and must change the mentality.  At Juventus, these drops in intensity do not happen, because real champions know how to reset and play in the same way with small and big teams. "

"At Lazio, there were not these downs only when there were no Cups and it was played once a week.  I am thinking of the early years of Pioli and Inzaghi and the Covid year.  I think it's all mental and not physical."

"In short, the head takes over.  The players must find the determination within themselves."

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