Liquidity Ratio Is Back Haunting Lazio's Transfer Market

December 29, 2021

Welcome back to the transfer market and welcome back to the liquidity index. The winter transfer session will officially begin on January 3, a session in which Lazio is expected to show evidence of concreteness and confidence in the new project. The club will have to immediately address the first problems, including those relating to the Liquidity Index.

Having resolved it temporarily during the summer, the Lazio transfer market again risks being hampered by the liquidity index.  This summer, the Biancoceleste have slowed down their transfer campaign because of it and now in January, the problem could recur.  

As reported by the press review of Radiosei, Lazio, however, are not the only club that will have to face this problem. 6 teams currently have a negative liquidity index, i.e. the ratio between current assets and liabilities.  These are Lazio, Empoli, Bologna, Sassuolo, Genoa, and Cagliari who risk being blocked for the upcoming winter session.  

A few weeks ago the FIGC had lowered the index threshold to 0.6 to help the clubs, in any case, the block can be lifted if a capital increase is paid that raises the index.

The market is about to return and, consequently, also the phrase that has characterized Lazio for years: sell before buying.


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