Sarri: "Strakosha Currently Plays In The Europa League And Reina Currently Plays In The League. Until Now, We Have Made This Choice, Then We'll See, But Not Based On The Single Game."

Speaking at the press conference, Maurizio Sarri presented tomorrow’s match against Udinese:

"Gotti is a boy with uncommon intelligence.  At Chelsea when we were together I listened to him a lot, he never made trivial considerations.  He is making a good course.  Udinese is a team that doesn't give much away, I expect a difficult game."

"In "normal" matches we have an average of 2.3 points per game, in those after European or national matches we have had another performance.  Ours is a team that has played some excellent matches and others from a low team in terms of mental energies.  In today's football, this is not an easy problem."

"In any case, I also believe that to evaluate the work you need to have a broader vision.  At the moment ours is not a tactical problem, we must know how to recharge our nervous energies after tiring moments.  For now, sometimes we succeed, sometimes we don't.  I think it is an unconscious problem.  Sunday's defeat was felt by the warm-up.  There was nothing to do, even if it was frustrating."

"In the last four home games, we have conceded three goals, all from penalties.  I find the defensive trick if something doesn't work, before changing it is better to try to fix the situation."

"Felipe Anderson has extraordinary physical and technical qualities, he has a very delicate character thanks to an extraordinary sensitivity.  It is difficult to reactivate him as well as to make choices about him.  It's hard to leave him out, he is potentially a champion.  We have to live with this situation."

"When you play too much you play badly.  You need the right time to prepare the players and then enjoy the show on the pitch.  The calendar needs to be remodeled, so it is difficult to work."

"Market?  With the company, we only talked about a few needs.  I think we need to talk to plan for the long term, thinking about the next two or three windows.  Lazio is not a club with the pressure of the result, they have ideas that they carry forward."

"Strakosha currently plays in the Europa League and Reina currently plays in the league.  Until now, we have made this choice, then we'll see, but not based on the single game."

"Marusic had to undergo various medical examinations, from today he will restart with the double session for several days.  We have had the problem of scoring in a few games, in some cases the movement without the ball has failed us and made us sterile.  We need to manage some situations better, we also have the weapon of restarts to exploit well."

"To replace Luiz Felipe who is currently suspended there is Patric who is the only right-footed player.  The first idea is that then today we will see after training.  After the match in Naples, it is useless to throw the cross on someone, the responsibility is collective.  The one in Naples was an unplayed match."

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