[Official] Goodbye Macron, Welcome Mizuno

The agreement between Lazio and Mizuno had been in the air for some time, now it has also become official. The biancoceleste through an official press release announced that the historic Japanese brand will produce the next Lazio products starting from the 2022/2023 season and will allow the Capital club to expand its borders also in the Asian continent. 

Lazio and Mizuno will have a 5-year contract until June 2027 totals 25 million euros so every year Mizuno will supply 5 million euros. In the past, Lazio received 3.5 million euros per season from Macron.

On June 30, the agreement with Macron will expire and after 10 years it will say goodbye to the Biancoceleste. This is the official statement from Lazio:

"The S.S. Lazio has formalized an exciting new partnership, choosing to rely on the historic Japanese brand Mizuno as the official supplier for technical and sports clothing starting from the 2022/2023 season. This is a prestigious agreement in the context of the growth and development of the Biancoceleste Club."

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