Lotito: "The Relationship Between Me And Sarri Has Always Been Strong, With Mutual Respect. He Told Me He's Comfortable In Lazio"

May 25, 2022

From the relationship with Sarri to the future of Milinkovic and Acerbi. Claudio Lotito spoke to Sky's microphones: 

"The relationship between me and Sarri has always been strong, with mutual respect. I think he's a great professional, he lives only on football, he told me he's comfortable in Lazio, which is a place where you can play football. Will he be our coach next year? If the contract is worth it, so be it."

Another transfer session is coming:

"Last summer we bought a total of seven players, including the much-maligned Kamenovic, who proved he could stay at Lazio. We need to take some stats, players, and roles that are important to the team to ensure that we will be strengthened."

"Milinkovic? He's on everyone's wish list. When you put him on the market, the price was there. I didn't put him there, so there was no price. If there is an offer from one of the absolute top clubs that technically satisfies him, speaking of the top 5 teams in the world, financially, taking into account Lazio's needs, then I will listen and will not against Milinkovic because he deserves it."

"Acerbi? He has a contract at Lazio, he is a fantastic player. We will evaluate everything after that in terms of the transfer market, the needs, expectations or desires of the player and other clubs."

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